Hello and welcome to our store. 

We are glad you have come to join us as we journey through the world of Angels.

As beings of love and light, Angels represent all that is good in the world. They remind us to hold onto hope in times of trouble, to love with an open heart, to always have faith, and to be patient with ourselves and those around us.

In short, they have the power to transform our thoughts.

When you can change just one negative thought into a positive one, and you do this over and over again, it has the power to change your attitude, and in turn, your life.

This is what we hope to help you with here. What you will find in our collection are all kinds of Angels, ones that fit in your pocket and ones to place on your mantle, all the with intention of reminding you of your quiet inner strength and the capacity of your love to carry you through all of life's trials and tribulations.

Thank you again for visiting our little shop and feel free to send us a message!
Norma & Ken