Hi and welcome to our collection of inspirational angel gifts!

As you wander through our store, we hope you find something that somehow lifts your spirit or provides you with a sense of comfort.

Our idea for this store came from the experience of having certain objects in our lives that seemed to take on a special meaning or significance. 

Sometimes, it was something that reminded us of our childhood, or it was an object left behind from a loved one who had passed and was now our only memory of them.

Sometimes it was something given to us by a close friend who moved away and somehow having it made them seem not so distant.

Maybe you have a special object like this.

You'll find that our store has a core focus on angels. We have found that for many people, angels provide this kind of energy - a sense of comfort, hope or inner strength that helps make their lives easier and happier.

Having something that makes us feel better is something we all need in this challenging, often unpredictable world we live in.

Our hope is to bring you these kinds of things - objects that have a way of strengthening you, lifting your spirit or comforting you in daily life and in times of difficulty or loss.

Norma & Ken